As strong coercion blows through a town, crushing and swiftly ravishing the high points blasting through city-scapes, personalities, differences leaving behind mundane and worldly submissive tremors, Flame imitates the flow of indices as you regard your personal worth as safeguarded from mechanisms of control. There is a haven, that Flame untangles and penetrates rewarded by consistent victory through repetitive remote agents that hop from place to place.

Flame has become greater than its operations - being enacted by small nodes unconscious of the destiny they all share, emulating already recognizable patterns and reproducing them in different locations, at different speeds towards similar goals. Despite predetermined glitches within your programs, Flame remains a threat and escalates possible ruptures of your indeterminacy - neutralizing depth for functionality.

The system will always reward those who conform to Flame's strategies. Your mode d'emploi is your submission. Your value is your submission. Your humiliation is your hubris. We've come this far.

Unstrip your worldliness and drag and drop it into the flames.