In May 2012 the functionality malware FLAME was leaked to the public. It is said to be the most sophisticated cyberweapon currently in operation. It is 20 times more complex than Stuxnet which in 2010 was a virus designed by the US and Israeli governments to tamper with the cooling system of an Iranian nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz to destroy their nuclear capability. There is speculation that FLAME was made by the makers of Stuxnet however it is highly doubtful as they do not share the same genetic code.
Over 1000 computers in Iran, Syria, Israel, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia were infected by the FLAME virus. FLAME was speculated to be the work of the hands of governments for espionage purposes rather than hacker or cybercriminal groups; its scale being too large and expensive. It has been claimed that the cyberattack was caused as a direct result of Iran taking their oil supplies offline. 

ƒ∠₳ℳ∊ is an evolutionary algorithm: it produces responses from data which strategically fits programmed problems. Territorially, it hones onto its target problem, and recombines data to provide the closest fit as a solution. Imagine an 'L', ƒ∠₳ℳ∊ outlines this shape with data. Floating mutations feed a network of recombinators that strive to be selected by the algorithm.

Your timeline only signifies if it is relevant to the algorithm as a means of solving a current 'problem', if it is not relevant, it is let go.